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1) metabolomics databases

2) Pathway databases

  • Sigma Aldrich clickable metabolic pathway map.
  • Nicholson minimaps give an overview of major individual metabolic pathways.
  • MetaCyc is a database of nonredundant, experimentally elucidated metabolic pathways (<300 organisms).
  • KEGG pathways, molecular interaction networks, metabolic & regulatory pathways, molecular complexes.
  • ExPASy biochemical and metabolic pathways.

3 Information on metabolites and biofluids


  • Lipidbank is a database system offering information on lipids.
  • Lipid library, a series of web documents serving lipid analysts.
  • Lipid maps Consortium will seek to identify and measure the amounts of all lipids within a cell.
  • Lipids Online, the online resource on atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia and lipid management.
  • Lipid data base is a convenient gateway to the world of lipids and related materials.
  • Lipidomics expert platform is a established by the European Lipidomics Initiative

4) Societies, groups, companies

  • Metabolomics Society, newly established and website partly under construction, may become a useful resource.

research groups: Loyd Sumner group at Noble; Bioanalytical Sciences Group at the University of Manchester; Fiehn metabolomics lab at UCDavis; Analytical Biosciences Group (Van de Greef & Hankemeijer) at Leiden University.

companies: * Lipomics; Metabolon; Metabometrix; Metanomics; Phenomenome; Surromed; Chenomx

5) Formats, Standards

  • SMRS, community driven specification for reporting of Metabolomic experiments and a standard file transfer format for the data.
  • RSBI, the Reporting Structure for Biological Investigations Working Groups
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